A unique and dynamic international study initiative hosted by Lincoln Memorial University is the LMU-Kanto Program.  Annually since 1979, Lincoln Memorial University has welcomed students from Kanto International Senior High School in Tokyo, Japan.  Twice each year, a group of 40-70 students from Japan come to visit LMU and reside on our campus, where they engage in rigorous, immersive English studies and a dynamic extracurricular cultural program that exposes them to the richness of the culture of our Appalachian region.  While gaining an appreciation of college life and forging lasting friendships, students also improve their English skills and experience life in America first-hand.  Many Kanto graduates have later decided to attend LMU as college students and then went on to earn their degrees at our university.  The benefits of the Kanto Program are truly reciprocal, as the entire LMU community is enriched by the presence of these Japanese students who teach us about their own customs and traditions.

The mission of the LMU-Kanto Program is to provide excellence in a non-traditional study abroad program.  This program seeks to prepare students for mature global citizenship as well as a successful post-secondary experience.   The LMU-Kanto Program provides a caring and nurturing environment which gives its participants the opportunity to grow and succeed as they experience the challenges of direct involvement in a new culture.


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